Friday, October 8, 2010

Eagle Tavern (Photographs)

26 North Main Street
Watkinsville, Georgia
The Eagle Tavern. Photo by Lewis Powell, IV, 2010, all
rights reserved.
On my recent trip to Milledgeville, I made some stops on the way home in Madison and Watkinsville, two of the more historic towns in east Georgia, to photograph some haunted locations. The Eagle Tavern is one of the most historic landmarks in the area and has hosted generations of Watkinsville citizens and guests. The date of its initial construction is lost to history and may be as early as 1789. The building was definitely serving as a tavern by 1801 or 1802. Over the years, additions were added haphazardly and when the building was restored by the state of Georgia in the 1950s, most of these additions were torn down. The tavern has served as a museum since its restoration.

Close view of the Eagle Tavern. Photo by Lewis Powell, IV,
2010, all rights reserved.
The structure remaining after the state's restoration is not very large, but it possibly hosts an array of spirits. A dancing female in a ballgown has been reported by a cleaning woman in one of the downstairs rooms. Possibly, three male spirits have been encountered in the tavern, including a very unpleasant entity in the basement of the building. Phantom footsteps have been heard and phantom odors including cherry tobacco have been smelled.

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  1. I like the cherry tobacco ghost It is amazing how scents linger with hauntings.