Friday, November 26, 2010

Colonial Park Cemetery (Newsbyte)

This entry has been updated with my entry "A Living Cemetery--Colonial Park Cemetery, Savannah."


  1. I've heard a ghost story about this cemetery involving a man appearing each night closer and closer until he is inside a house across the street from the cemetery, but I don't remember any of the details other than it only seems to happen to women renting that house.

  2. I think most videos of ghosts are inconclusive. There is almost always an ordinary explanation possible. You either believe or you don't. The cemetery certainly sounds haunted to me.

  3. I am from Ohio and friends of the family with this video. I have seen the video quite a few times in person over the past year. The version online does not do it justice. To see it on a hi-def TV straight from the tape is amazingly clear. You can even see the clothing the child is wearing. Old knickers type pants, red shirt, something you would never see today. Even though you could see the color of the shirt and such, the child was much "lighter" than everyone else in the video.
    When he was jumping into the tree you could see amazing detail, and the way his body moved up into the tree and back down was in a way not possible by any human child I know. It seems no one else in the cemetery could see him except for Jesse who was filming. It is truly amazing!