Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hudson Brothers Deli (Newsbyte)

115 South Lee Street
Rockingham, North Carolina

It excites me to see the media reporting more and more on ghosts and the paranormal. One trend I have noted is that news outlets enjoy reporting on investigations and that’s what we have from the Richmond County Daily Journal in a article from earlier this month. The Sandhills Paranormal Research Society set out to investigate Hudson Brothers Deli, a bar in Rockingham.

Unfortunately, due to lack of information online, actually researching the location first hand is not possible, so I must rely solely on the article. According to it, the structure originally served as a funeral home and has, in recent decades become a bar. The owner even mentions the existence of crematoriums in the basement.

Among the reports from the bar are the apparition of a girl seen by both a bartender and a manager. One patron reported seeing the apparition of a man in a business suit that told him to, “wait right here.” A former owner reported that an employee sent on an errand to the basement ran screaming from the establishment and never even returned to pick up their paycheck.

The investigation of the location appeared to be successful with the group picking up evidence including the odor of flowers in the basement and EVPs. The group stated that there was definitely spiritual activity in the location.

Brown, Philip D. “A haunting in Hudson Brothers.” Richmond
     County Daily Journal. 5 April 2011.


  1. Anything that used to be a funeral home is always filled with ghosts. I would think when you buy a property like this you must like ghosts or utterly not believe in them.

  2. It seems the owner has not had an experience. But I agree with you, it's not hard to imagine a funeral home would be haunted.