Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Southern Spirit Library

Last week’s entry on Southern Spirit Resources was really an homage to resources that I really enjoy. Occasionally, circumstances conspire to distract me enough to write a blog entry. Earlier today, I received a very nice email from Pamela K. Kinney, author of Haunted Richmond, Virginia; Haunted Virginia: Legends, Myths and True Tales; Travel Guide to the Haunted Mid-Atlantic Region and the upcoming Virginia’s Haunted Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown and Other Haunted Locations (due out in July). She suggested her own books as well as a few others about the region.

Relaxing amid stacks of books.
I’ve needed to organize my bookshelf for awhile. In doing so, I realized just how few books I have on Virginia and I have none of Kinney’s books, though I have two by Beth Brown who she recommended. Therefore, I was inspired to write this blog entry listing the books relating to the South in my library. I know there are many holes, if you can suggest books, please do by leaving a comment or emailing me. I do eventually want to have a complete library on Southern hauntings.

I’m dividing this by the scope of each book. This will start with books that have an international or national scope but include Southern hauntings and then work down to a local level.

International and National
·         Austin, Joanne, editor. Weird Hauntings: True Tales of Ghostly Places. Sterling Publishing, 2006.
·         Balzano, Christopher. Ghostly Adventures: Chilling True Stories from America’s Haunted Hot Spots. Fall River Press, 2008.
·         Belanger, Jeff, editor. Encyclopedia of Haunted Places: Ghostly Locales from Around the World. New Page Books, 2008.
·         Belanger, Jeff. Ghosts of War: Restless Spirits of Soldiers, Spies and Saboteurs. New Page Books, 2006.
·         Belanger, Jeff. The World’s Most Haunted Places: From the Secret Files of Ghostvillage.com. Fall River Press, 2004.
·         Blackman, W. Haden. The Field Guide to North American Hauntings. Three River Press, 1998.
·         Blue & Gray Magazine. Guide to Haunted Places of the Civil War. Blue & Gray Magazine, 1996.
·         Crain, Mary Beth. Haunted U.S. Battlefields. Globe Pequot, 2008.
·         Elizabeth, Norma and Bruce Roberts. Lighthouse Ghosts: 13 Bone Fide Apparitions Standing Watch Over America’s Shores. Crane Hill Publishers, 1999.
·         Fate Magazine. Visions of Ghost Armies: Real-Life Encounters with War-Torn Spirits. Barnes & Noble Books, 2003.
·         Floyd, E. Randall. Ghost Lights and Other Encounters with the Unknown. August House, 1993.
·         Guiley, Rosemary Ellen. The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits, 3rd Edition. Checkmark Books, 2007.
·         Hauck, Dennis William. Haunted Places: The National Directory. Penguin, 2002.
·         Holzer, Hans. Where the Ghosts Are: The Ultimate Guide to Haunted Houses. Citadel Press, 1998.
·         Jarvis, Sharon. Dead Zones. Warner Books, 1992.
·         Kermeen, Frances. Ghostly Encounters: True Stories of America’s Haunted Inns and Hotels. Warner Books, 2002.
·         Martin, Joel & William J. Birnes. The Haunting of the Presidents: A Paranormal History of the U.S. Presidency. Konecky & Konecky, 2003.
·         Mott, A.S. Haunted Schools: Ghost Stories & Strange Tales. Ghost House Books, 2003.
·         Myers, Arthur. A Ghosthunter’s Guide to Haunted Landmarks, Parks, Churches and Other Public Places. Contemporary Books, 1993.
·         Myers, Arthur. The Ghostly Gazateer: America’s Most Fascinating Landmarks. Contemporary Books, 1990.
·         Norman, Michael. Haunted Homeland. Tor Books, 2006.
·         Norman, Michael and Beth Scott. Haunted America. Tor Books, 1994.
·         Norman, Michael and Beth Scott. Haunted Heritage. Tor Books, 2002.
·         Norman, Michael and Beth Scott. Historic Haunted America. Tor Books, 1995.
·         Ogden, Tom. Haunted Theaters. Globe Pequot, 2009.
·         Rule, Leslie. Coast to Coast Ghosts: True Stories of Hauntings Across America. Andrew McMeel Publishing, 2001.
·         Rule, Leslie. Ghosts Among Us: True Stories of Spirit Encounters. Andrew McMeel Publishing, 2004.
·         Rule, Leslie. Ghost in the Mirror: Real Cases of Spirit Encounters. Andrew McMeel Publishing, 2008.
·         Rule, Leslie. When the Ghost Screams: True Stories of Victims Who Haunt. Andrew McMeel Publishing, 2006.
·         Spaeth, Frank, editor. Phantom Army of the Civil War and Other Southern Ghost Stories. Llewellyn Publications, 1997.
·         Steitz, George C. Haunted Lighthouses and How to Find Them. Pineapple Press, 2002.
·         Steward, Paul Jay. True Tales of Terror in the Caves of the World. Cave Books, 2005.
·         Taylor, Troy. Beyond the Grave: The History of America’s Most Haunted Graveyards. Whitechapel Press, 2001.
·         Taylor, Troy. Down in the Darkness: The Shadowy History of America’s Haunted Mines, Tunnels and Caverns. Whitechapel Press, 2003.
·         Taylor, Troy. Haunting of America: A Road Guide to Nights in Haunted Places. Whitechapel Press, 2010.
·         Toney, B. Keith. Battlefield Ghosts. Rockbridge Publishing, 1997.

Southern Ghosts
·         Barefoot, Daniel W. Haunted Halls of Ivy: Ghosts of Southern Colleges and Universities. John F. Blair, 2004.
·         Brown, Alan. Haunted Places in the American South. U. Press of Mississippi, 2002.
·         Brown, Alan. Stories from the Haunted South. U. Press of Mississippi, 2004.
·         Coleman, Christopher K. Dixie Spirits: True Tales of the Strange and Supernatural in the South, 2nd Edition. Cumberland House, 2002.
·         Duffey, Barbara. Angels and Apparitions: True Ghost Stories from the South. Elysian Publishing, 1996.
·         Floyd, E. Randall. More Great Southern Mysteries. August House, 1990.
·         Glass, Debra with Heath Matthews. Skeletons of the Civil War: True Ghost Stories if the Army of the Tennessee. Debra Glass, 2007.
·         Gray, Jacquelyn Procter. When Spirits Walk. AuthorHouse, 2006.
·         McNeil, W.K., editor. Ghost Stories from the American South. August House, 1985.
·         Roberts, Nancy. Ghosts and Spectres of the Old South. Sandlapper Publishing, 1974.
·         Roberts, Nancy. Southern Ghosts. Sandlapper Publishing, 1979.
·         Roberts, Nancy. This Haunted Southland: Where Ghosts Still Roam. U. of SC Press, 1970.
·         Turnage, Sheila. Haunted Inns of the Southeast. John F. Blair, 2001.

Regional (within the South)

·         Lambeth, Cheralyn. Haunted Theaters of the Carolinas. Schiffer, 2009.
·         Roberts, Nancy. Ghosts of the Carolinas. U. of SC Press, 1962.
·         Zepke, Terrance. Ghosts and Legends of the Carolina Coasts. Pineapple Press, 2005.
·         Zepke, Terrance. Ghosts of the Carolina Coasts: Haunted Lighthouses, Plantations and Other Historic Sites. Pineapple Press, 1999.
Southern Coast
·         Buxton, Geordie. Haunted Plantations: Ghosts of Slavery and Legends of the Cotton Kingdom. Arcadia, 2007.
·         Roberts, Nancy. Ghosts from the Coast: A Ghostly Tour of Coastal North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. U. of NC Press, 2001.
·         Rhyne, Nancy. Coastal Ghosts: Haunted Places from Wilmington, North Carolina to Savannah, Georgia. Sandlapper Publishing, 1985.
Other Regions
·         Carden, Gary and Nina Anderson. Belled Buzzards, Hucksters and Grieving Spirits: Appalachian Tales, Strange True and Legendary. Down Home Press, 1994.
·         Kotarski, Georgiana C. Ghosts of the Southern Tennessee Valley. John F. Blair, 2006.
·         Roberts, Nancy. Ghosts of the Southern Mountains and Appalachia. U. of SC Press, 1978.
·         Tennis, Joe. The Marble and Other Ghost Tales of Tennessee and Virginia. Backyard Books, 2007.

·         Greenhaw, Wayne. Alabama on My Mind: Politics, People, History and Ghost Stories. Sycamore Press, 1987.
·         Johnston, Debra. Skeletons in the Closet: True Ghost Stories of The Shoals Area. Debra Johnston, 2002.
·         Johnston, Debra. Skeletons in the Closet: More True Ghost Stories of The Shoals Area. Debra Johnston, 2003.
·         Penot, Jessica. Haunted North Alabama. History Press, 2010.
·         Smith, Holly. Alabama Ghosts: They Are Among Us. Sweetwater Press, 2006.
·         Windham, Kathryn Tucker and Margaret Gillis Figh. 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey. U. of Alabama Press, 1969.
·         Windham, Kathryn Tucker. Jeffrey’s Latest 13: More Alabama Ghosts. U. of Alabama Press, 1982.
·         Parker, Elizabeth. Mobile Ghosts: Alabama’s Haunted Port City. Apparition Publishing, 2001.
·         Jenkins, Greg. Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore. Volumes 1-3. Pineapple Press, 2005.
·         Jones, Robert R. Florida Ghost Stories. Pineapple Press, 2008.
·         Lapham, Dave. Ghosthunting Florida. Clerisy Press, 2010.
·         Martin, C. Lee. Florida Ghosts and Pirates. Schiffer, 2008.
·         Moore, Joyce Elson. Haunt Hunter’s Guide to Florida. Pineapple Press, 1998.
·         Powell, Jack. Haunting Sunshine: Ghostly Tales from Florida’s Shadows. Pineapple Press, 2001.
·         Thuma, Cynthia and Catherine Lower. Haunted Florida: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Sunshine State. Stackpole, 2008.
·         Bruce, Alexander M. The Folklore of Florida Southern College. Aventine Press, 2003.
·         Cool, Kim. Ghost Stories of Venice: from Historic Spanish Point to Englewood. Historic Venice Press, 2002.
·         Harvey, Karen. Oldest Ghosts: St. Augustine Haunts. Pineapple Press, 2000.
·         Lapham, Dave. Ancient City Hauntings: More Ghosts of St. Augustine. Pineapple Press, 2004.
·         Lapham, Dave. Ghosts of St. Augustine. Pineapple Press, 1997.
·         Stavely, John F. Ghosts and Gravestones in St. Augustine, Florida. Historic Tours of America, 2005.

From what I know, this is almost a complete collection on Georgia’s ghosts.
·         Alan, Ian. Georgia’s Ghosts: They Are Among Us. Sweetwater Press, 2005.
·         Barber, Christina A. Spirits of Georgia’s Southern Crescent. Schiffer, 2008.
·         Brown, Alan. Haunted Georgia: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Peach State. Stackpole, 2008.
·         Dolgner, Beth. Georgia Spirits and Specters. Schiffer, 2009
·         Duffey, Barbara. Banshees, Bugles and Belles: True Ghost Stories of Georgia. Rockbridge Publishing, 1995.
·         Farrant, Don. Ghosts of the Georgia Coast. Pineapple Press, 2002.
·         Killion, Ronald G. and Charles T. Waller. A Treasury of Georgia Folklore. Cherokee Publishing, 1972.
·         Miles, Jim. Weird Georgia: Close Encounters, Strange Creatures & Unexplained Phenomena. Cumberland House 2000.
·         Miles, Jim. Weird Georgia: Your Travel Guide to Georgia’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets. Sterling Publishing, 2006.
·         Roberts, Nancy. Georgia Ghosts. John F. Blair, 1997.
·         Underwood, Corinna. Haunted History: Atlanta and North Georgia. Schiffer, 2008.
·         Walls, Kathleen. Georgia’s Ghostly Getaways. Global Authors Publications, 2003.
·         . Publishing, 2006.
·         Windham, Kathryn Tucker. 13 Georgia Ghosts and Jeffrey. U. of Alabama Press, 1973.
·         Akamatsu, Rhetta. Haunted Marietta. History Press, 2009.
·         Avenna, Dianna. Roswell: History Haunts and Legends. History Press, 2007.
·         Bender, William N. Haunted Atlanta and Beyond: True Tales of the Supernatural in Atlanta, Athens and North Georgia. Cherokee Books, 2005.
·         Cannon, Shannon. Ghost Hunting in McDonough. Bell, Book and Candle Bookstore, No Date.
·         Caskey, James. Haunted Savannah: The Official Guidebook to Savannah Haunted History Tour, 2008. Bonaventure Books, 2008.
·         Christian, Reese. Ghosts of Atlanta: Phantoms of the Phoenix City. History Press, 2008.
·         Cobb, Al. Danny’s Bed: A Tale of Ghosts and Poltergeists in Savannah, Georgia. Whitaker Street Books, 2000.
·         Cobb, Al. Savannah’s Ghosts. Whitaker Street Books, 2001.
·         Cobb, Al. Savannah Ghosts II. Schiffer, 2007.
·         DeBolt, Margaret Wayt. Savannah Spectres and Other Strange Tales. The Donning Company, 1984.
·         Edgerly, Robert. Savannah Hauntings. See Savannah Books, 2005.
·         Irby, Mary Lee. Ghosts of Macon. Vestige Publishing, 1998.
·         Johnson, Scott A. The Mayor’s Guide to The Stately Ghosts of Augusta. Harbor House, 2005.
·         Joiner, Sean. Haunted Augusta & Local Legends. Llumina Press, 2002.
·         Pierce, Paul. The Springer Ghost Book: A Theatre Haunting in the Deep South. Communicorp, 2003. – About the Springer Opera House, Columbus, Georgia.
·         Rousseau, David. Savannah Ghosts. Schiffer, 2006.
·         Vanstory, Burnette. Ghost Stories and Superstitions of Old Saint Simons. Coastal Georgia Historical Society, No Date. – About St. Simons Island.
·         Walker, Caprice and Dan Brooks. Haunted Memories of McDonough, Georgia. Bell, Book and Candle Bookstore, 2006.

·         Brown, Alan. Haunted Kentucky: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Bluegrass State. Stackpole, 2009.
·         Henson, Michael Paul. More Kentucky Ghost Stories. Overmountain Press, 1996.
·         McCormick, James and Macy Wyatt. Ghosts of the Bluegrass. U. Press of Kentucky, 2009.
·         Montell, William Lynwood. Ghosts Across Kentucky. U. Press of Kentucky, 2000.
·         Montell, William Lynwood. Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts of Kentucky. U. Press of Kentucky, 2001.
·         Montell, William Lynwood. Kentucky Ghosts. U. Press of Kentucky, 1994.
·         Starr, Patti. Ghosthunting Kentucky. Clerisy Press, 2010.
·         Westmoreland-Doherty, Lisa. Kentucky Spirits Undistilled. Schiffer, 2009.
·         Domine, David. Ghosts of Old Louisville: True Stories of Hauntings in America’s Largest Victorian Neighborhood. McClanahan Publishing, 2005.
·         Domine, David. Haunts of Old Louisville: Gilded Age Ghosts and Haunted Mansions in America’s Spookiest Neighborhood. McClanahan Publishing, 2009.
·         Domine, David. Phantoms of Old Louisville: Ghostly Tales from America’s Most HauntedNeighborhood. McClanahan Publishing, 2006.
·         Olson, Colleen O’Connor & Charles Hanion. Scary Stories of Mammoth Cave. Cave Books, 2002.
·         Parker, Robert W. Haunted Louisville: History & Hauntings from the Derby City. Whitechapel Press, 2007.
·         Parker, Robert W. Haunted Louisville 2, Beyond Downtown: More History & Hauntings from the Derby City. Whitechapel Press, 2010.

·         Dwyer, Jeff. Ghost Hunter’s Guide to New Orleans. Pelican Press, 2007.
·         Klein, Victor C. New Orleans Ghosts. Professional Press, 1993.
·         Klein, Victor C. New Orleans Ghosts II. Lycanthrope Press, 1999.
·         Levatino, Madeline. Past Masters: The History & Hauntings of Destrehan Plantation. Dinstuhl Printing & Publishing, 1991.
·         Smith, Katherine. Journey Into Darkness: Ghosts and Vampires of New Orleans. De Simonin Publications, 1998.

·         Gallagher, Trish. Ghosts & Haunted Houses of Maryland. Tidewater Publishers, 1988.
·         Okonowicz, Ed. Haunted Maryland: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Old Line State. Stackpole, 2007.
·         Varhola, Michael J. and Michael H. Varhola. Ghosthunting Maryland. Clerisy
·         Press, 2009.

·         Hubbard, Sylvia Booth. Ghosts! Personal Accounts of Modern Mississippi Hauntings. Quail Ridge Press, 1992.
·         Sillery, Barbara. The Haunting of Mississippi. Pelican Publishing, 2011.
·         Windham, Kathryn Tucker. 13 Mississippi Ghosts and Jeffrey. U. of Alabama press, 1974.

North Carolina
·         Barefoot, Daniel W. North Carolina’s Haunted Hundred: Vol. 3 Haints of the Hills. John F. Blair, 2002.
·         Barefoot, Daniel W. North Carolina’s Haunted Hundred: Vol.  Piedmont Phantoms. John F. Blair, 2002.
·         Barefoot, Daniel W. North Carolina’s Haunted Hundred: Vol. 1 Seaside Spectres. John F. Blair, 2002.
·         Russell, Randy and Janet Barnett. Mountain Ghost Stories and Curious Tales of Western North Carolina. John F. Blair, 1988.
·         Calloway, Burt and Jennifer FitzSimmons. Triad Hauntings: Ghost Stories from Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point and Surrounding Areas. Bandit Books, 1990.
·         Warren. Joshua. Haunted Asheville. Overmountain Press, 1996.
·         Williams, Stephanie Burt. Haunted Hills: Ghosts and Legends of Highlands and Cashiers, North Carolina. History Press, 2007.
South Carolina
·         Brown, Alan. Haunted South Carolina: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Palmetto State. Stackpole, 2010.
·         Graydon, Nell S. South Carolina Ghost Tales. Beaufort Book Shop, 1969.
·         Roberts, Nancy. South Carolina Ghosts: From the Coast to the Mountains. U. of SC Press, 1983.
·         Halio, Sally. Charleston Ghosts: Past and Present. Sally Halio, 2003.
·         Huntsinger, Elizabeth Robertson. Ghosts of Georgetown. John F. Blair, 1995.
·         Huntsinger, Elizabeth Robertson. More Ghosts of Georgetown. John F. Blair, 1998.
·         Macy, Edward B. and Julian T. Buxton III. The Ghosts of Charleston. Beaufort Books, 2001.
·         Martin, Margaret Rhett. Charleston Ghosts. U. of SC Press, 1963.
·         Pickens, Cathy. Charleston Mysteries. History Press, 2007.
·         Roffe, Denise. Ghosts and Legends of Charleston. Schiffer, 2010.

·         Brown, Alan. Haunted Tennessee: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Volunteer State. Stackpole, 2009.
·         Coleman, Christopher K. Ghosts and Haunts of Tennessee. John F. Blair, 2011.
·         Hall, Lynne L. Tennessee Ghosts: They Are Among Us. Sweetwater Press, 2006.
·         O’Rear, Jim. Tennessee Ghosts. Schiffer, 2009.
·         Price, Charles Edwin. Haunted Tennessee. Overmountain Press, 1995.
·         Price, Charles Edwin. More Haunted Tennessee. Overmountain Press, 1999.
·         Windham, Kathryn Tucker. 13 Tennessee Ghosts and Jeffrey. U. of Alabama Press, 1977.
·         Dykes, Peter. Haunted Kingsport: Ghosts of Tri-City Tennessee. History Press, 2008.
·         Harris, Frankie and Kim Meredith Harris. Haunted Nashville. Schiffer, 2009.
·         Price, Charles Edwin. Haunted Jonesborough. Overmountain Press, 1993.
·         Seabrook, Lochlainn. Carnton Plantation Ghost Stories: True Tales of the Unexplained from Tennessee’s Most Haunted Civil War House. SeaRaven Press, 2005.
·         Thessin, Margie Gould. Ghosts of Franklin: Tennessee’s Most Haunted Town. Margie Gould Thessin, 2008.
·         Traylor, Ken and Delas M. House Jr. Nashville Ghosts and Legends. History Press, 2007.
·         Brown, Beth. Haunted Battlefields: Virginia’s Civil War Ghosts. Schiffer, 2008.
·         Brown, Beth. Haunted Plantations of Virginia. Schiffer, 2009.
·         Lee, Marguerite DuPont. Virginia Ghosts. Virginia Book Company, 1966.
·         Taylor, L. B. Jr. The Ghosts of Tidewater…and Nearby Environs. Progress Printing, 1990.
·         Taylor, L.B. Jr. The Ghosts of Virginia. Progress Printing, 1993.
·         Varhola, Michael J. Ghosthunting Virginia. Clerisy Press, 2008.
·         Behrend, Jackie Eileen. The Hauntings of Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown. John F. Blair, 1998.
·         Taylor, L.B. Jr. The Ghosts of Williamsburg…and Nearby Environs. Progress Printing, 1983.

West Virginia
·         Dietz, Dennis. The Greenbrier Ghost and Other Strange Stories. Mountain Memories Books, 1990.
·         Robinson, James Foster. A Ghostly Guide to West Virginia. Winking Eye Books, 2008.
·         Samples, Mack. The Devil’s Tea Table: West Virginia Ghost Tales and Other Stories. Quarrier Press, 2005.
·         Wilson, Patty A. Haunted West Virginia: Ghosts and Starnge Phenomena of the Mountain State. Stackpole, 2007.
·         Brown, Stephen D. Haunted Houses of Harpers Ferry. Little Brown House, 1976.


  1. WOW, and i thought i had a fair few books on the subject of ghosts and hauntings, but your collection puts mine to shame :)

  2. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, Sara. You be surprised how much out there. My friend, Theresa Bane is another author for North Carolina area: Haunted Historic Greenboro, and her upcoming one to be released in June that she co-authored with Cynthia Moore Brown: Folktales and Ghost Stories of North Carolina's Piedmont.
    There’s also Hauntings of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Highlands by Joe Tennis (I got this from the author at a convention back in February where we were both guests)

    I read Schiffer's catalog the other day and so many more coming out. Just the tip of the iceberg.

    Thanks for posting all those—some I have not read.

  3. Well, we obviously know what your hobby is.