Sunday, June 5, 2011

Update - Old Ashe County Courthouse - Museum of Ashe County History (Newsbyte)

301 East Main Street
Jefferson, North Carolina

When last we left the investigators of 3P Paranormal, they were wrapping up an overnight investigation of the Old Ashe County Courthouse. The results of this investigation have been revealed. The investigators had surmised that there was likely some residual energy in the 1904 courthouse and indeed, the team captured some striking evidence of it.

The team captured only audio evidence and among that evidence is a recording of a voice saying “Order!” and what sounds to be the banging of a gavel. In the same courtroom, heavy footsteps and breathing were also captured. Voices were also picked up in some of the other rooms. Certainly, it appears that there may be some residual energy in the old courthouse.

The evidence may be seen on 3P Paranormal’s website, here.

     Signs of Possible Haunting.” The Mountain Times. 2 June 2011.

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  1. We appreciate the coverage. As the founder of 3P Paranormal I can tell you that we are in the works of another large investigation that may yield wonderful evidence. We look forward to sharing what we catch.

    Jennifer Bumgarner
    Founder, 3P Paranormal