Monday, September 26, 2011

New Library Acquisitions and an Update

Now that I can spend money on books, my library on Southern ghosts is rapidly expanding. The mail main arrived at the door with three packages today all with books on Maryland. Until recently, I've only had three books specifically about this state, but I've discovered that quite a bit has been written about it. Here's what I've just received:

New acquisitions. Photo by Lewis Powell IV, all rights reserved.

Weinberg, Alyce T. Spirits of Frederick (1992). Out of Print. Frederick County is absolutely crawling with spirits, paranormal activity, legends and odd creatures. This is the most recently published book on this county.

Cannon, Timothy L. and Nancy F. Whitmore. Ghosts and Legends of Frederick County (1979). The first book on this very active county. This is still in print.

Dahlgren, Madeleine Vinton. South Mountain Magic: Tales of Old Maryland (Originally published in 1882, reissued in paperback, 2002). South Mountain, which is located in Washington and Frederick counties, was first documented as a paranormal hotspot in this book. The author purchased the Old Mountain House, now known as the Old South Mountain Inn, and her experiences there led her to write this book. Interestingly, the author may be among the spirits haunting the slopes of South Mountain.

Noratel, Russ. Ellicott City's Guide to Haunted Places (2008). Ellicott City, like Frederick, is also crawling with ghosts, this is the primary book documenting those hauntings.

Ricksecker, Mike. Ghosts of Maryland (2010). From paranormal powerhouse publisher, Schiffer, this book covers ghosts across the state. Most of his chapters cover familiar haunts throughout the state, but the best part of this book is the Haunted Atlas of Maryland, covering Maryland ghosts county by county.

Okonowicz, Ed. Big Book of Maryland Ghost Stories (2010). In the realm of paranormal writing about the mid-Atlantic, Okonowicz is a major figure having published numerous books on the region particularly around the Delmarva Peninsula (the peninsula extending into the Chesapeake Bay that has sections of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia). While I personally hate the title of the book, it is big and covers the entire state in depth. I'm very excited to delve into this book.

Last Saturday evening with a group of friends, we took a private tour from the Roswell, Georgia Ghost Tour. As a private tour, we heard a good deal more than what was usually included in the regular 2 hour tour (our tour ended up at almost 3 hours). It was incredible, I'll be including a full review of the tour in the next few days.


  1. I love new books! I'm glad to see your library is growing.

  2. Nice collection. I am looking forward to your review of the tour.