Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Richmond County’s Hauntings—North Carolina

13 Days until Halloween!

It seems now that paranormal investigation groups are popping up all over the nation. It certainly seems to be a good thing as these groups are finding more and more haunted places, especially in the South. Back in April, I did a newsbyte on an investigation of a bar in Rockingham, North Carolina that was conducted by a local group. It turns out this group has investigated an active home in Rockingham, while another local group has held a fundraiser at yet another local site.

Located in an obviously old and yet fairly unassuming brick commercial building, Hudson Brothers Deli (115 South Lee Street) was investigated by the Sandhills Paranormal Research Society (SPRS), a group based out of nearby Hamlet, North Carolina. The group discovered evidence that was convincing enough for them to deem the funeral home turned bar as having spiritual activity. Photos from their investigation can be found here.

According to a recent article from the Richmond County Daily Journal, SPRS has investigated a local private home that is quite active. The owner revealed that not long after he and his family moved into this home built in the 1920s, he discovered a pentagram drawn on the floor of a closet. Not long after, he and his family began to witness activity throughout the house. They called in SPRS to investigate and the group uncovered quite a bit of evidence.

Meanwhile, just last weekend, East Koast Paranormal, another local group, sponsored a fundraising investigation at the Baldwin Plantation (228 Baldwin Road). Among the oldest homes in Richmond County, the plantation bears graves spanning the history of the area, from Native Americans who may be buried there through the time when the plantation served as a “poor farm.” The home remained in the Baldwin family until the 1970s when the family there died out, one of those deaths a suicide. Nothing in the articles or the case description on the East Koast Paranormal website indicate the home’s current usage.

The home was first investigated by East Koast Paranormal in April of last year. The first investigation produced a few EVPs and a number of people in the group witnessed the front door open and close by itself. To raise money to support future investigations, the group opened up the house and invited the public to investigate using the group’s equipment and expertise. These investigations have produced some interesting evidence.

I really would love to know more about Richmond County’s hauntings, but this information is skeletal at best (pun intended). This county is certainly a place whose history and hauntings I plan to pursue in the future. I’d also like to congratulate both investigative groups for supporting their local ghosts!

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  1. My grandma grew up playing with a child that grew up in the Baldwin Plantation. We went while the East Koast Paranormal were there and they gave false information. One of the relatives lives right down the road and we were telling her the names that were given and that they said there was an old Indian burial ground. She said she has never heard that. They made up names of the family that lived there. The house as far as she knows is not haunted. I'm wondering if they are legit.