Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday Greetings and Shameless Advertising

First off, Happy Holidays to all, both the living and the dead, may your season be joyous and bright!

Stolen from Facebook...
It is Christmas morning and Santa has visited in the night. One of my gifts came from Q&W Publishers, a recently established publisher that is dedicated to "fine quaint & weird fiction and non-fiction...with an emphasis on speculative and American Southern topics." The book they sent is an anthology, The Old Weird South, featuring a selection of 24 fiction and non-fiction stories and edited by Tim Westover.

Earlier this year, Courtney Mroch of the wonderful haunted travel blog, Haunt Jaunts, sent me a note regarding submissions for this anthology. After a few weeks of consideration as to what to write about, I created a piece based on the Great Locomotive Chase and the ghosts associated with the locations along the old Western & Atlantic Railroad here in Georgia. Though I threw together the piece at the last minute and didn't consider it to be very good, I was surprised to see it selected for inclusion in the anthology. While the stories in it are mostly fiction, my piece is non-fiction and quite similar to the pieces I usually write for this blog.

The book is an excellent look at the wide array of storytelling traditions that exist in and about the South. I would highly recommend it to my readers. It can be purchased from Amazon.

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  1. Hey Lewis! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Forgive me, I fell off the blog reading wagon months ago and have not gotten back in the groove. However, I was coming by to get the link for your blog to reference in one I'm writing, saw this post, and saw your news. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited you wrote a story and it got accepted. Way to go!!!!