Monday, August 17, 2015

Fifth “Blogiversary!”

I'm just a poor, wayfaring stranger
A travelling through this world of woe...

--“Poor, Wayfaring Stranger,” Traditional American folksong

Five years ago this evening I was sitting in my local Starbucks, my favorite place to write, preparing to hit the publish button to launch this blog. I said a little prayer and hit the button that started me on this wonderful journey. Like the folksong’s “poor, wayfaring stranger,” I was setting off towards the horizon with no specific goal in mind but to write about Southern ghosts and hopefully make a better situation for myself. As one who has always had trouble completing things, I wasn’t sure how long I’d keep up with blogging, so reaching this fifth “blogiversary” is quite an achievement. But outside of the blog, my writing has taken me to other places: I’ve written for the local newspaper, interviewed people throughout the South, been interviewed for The Daily Beacon at the University of Tennessee and on Columbia, SC’s “Evolve with Tzima” on The Point Radio. I was published in a Southern horror anthology and I have plans to write some books.

My usual view in Starbucks with requisite coffee. 
I’m sitting here in Starbucks again and my writing almost caused me to miss this blogiversary. This past weekend I had copies of my first book printed and those have distracted me. These are just for editing, but it’s very exciting to see my book in print for the first time. My book, Southern Spirit Guide’s Haunted Alabama: A Guide to Ghostlore, Legends and Haunted Places in the Heart of Dixie, will be published, God forbid and Creeks don’t rise, as an eBook next month. I’ve been dreaming of writing a “ghost book” since I was a kid collecting books of ghost stories, so, this makes this anniversary ever more poignant.

Along the way, I’ve had help and support from a number of other bloggers: Jessica Penot of Ghost Stories and Haunted Places, Courtney Mroch of Haunt Jaunts, Sharon Day of Ghost Hunting Theories, Pamela Kinney of the Fantastic Dreams of Pamela K. Kinney, the indomitable Theresa Racer of Theresa’s Haunted History of the Tri-State, and recently Faith Serafin, investigator, writer and blogger at Haunted Haven. Countless authors and their wonderful books about the South have been my constant companions on this journey as well, sitting cozily on my bookshelf or nightstand, piled on the floor next to my bed, stacked on my desk, thrown in the back seat of my car and jammed in my computer bag. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to all these people and my readers as well. Thank you!
Trying to muster a smile for the blogiversary. 

I don’t know what’s next for my blog, there will be more posted, hopefully, and I have no intention to stop blogging. Please join me as a journey on though the haunted South! 

I know dark clouds will gather round me,
I know the pathway is rough and steep,
But beauteous fields lie just before me,
Where God redeems, his vigil keeps.

--“Poor, Wayfaring Stranger,” Traditional American folksong

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