Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Phantoms of the French Quarter--New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is perhaps one of the most paranormally active cities in the country. The French Quarter, which comprises less than a square mile and only 78 blocks, is the oldest part of the city and also contains a high concentration of haunted buildings and sites. Due to this high concentration I have broken the hauntings down by street. As I complete blog entries, I will post the links in this central post.

Jackson Square, bounded by Decatur, Chartres, St. Peter, and St.
Ann Streets. Behind the statue is St. Louis Cathedral with The
Cabildo on the left and the Presbytere on the right. All three buildings
are haunted. See the entry for Decatur and Chartres Street for
further information. Photo by Sammi99tr, 2009, courtesy of Wikipedia.

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