Friday, August 26, 2016

Introducing 'A Grand Tour of Southern Ghosts'

Courtney Mroch, Director of Paranormal Tourism at the blog, Haunt Jaunts, recently issued a call for writers. I have always dreamed of writing a column about Southern ghosts, so I applied and Courtney has been very enthusiastic about me writing for her site. My column, 'A Grand Tour of Southern Ghosts,' will now appear on Thursdays every two weeks.  The column will explore places that I consider paranormal landmarks throughout the South. My introduction column looks at why Southern ghosts are special and includes the hauntings at Brice House in Annapolis, MD; Rowan Oak in Oxford, MS; and the Shelton Laurel Massacre Site near Alleghany, NC. 

Rowan Oak, the home of William Faulkner,
Oxford, MS by Gary Bridgeman, 2010.
Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Please check out my first column here!

Also, for those who missed my radio interview on WCJV's Paranormal Experienced with Kat Hobson last Wednesday, you can hear the interview here

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