Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year End Wrap Up

It’s seemingly been a bad year for everyone. With the raucous and contentious presidential election; the deaths of numerous idols; tragic violence ranging from the continuing violence in Syria to the shooting deaths in places like Dallas and Orlando; drought, fires, and hurricanes in the South; and a great deal of personal struggles (I’ve had my own), this year is one that many hope to forget. Even haunted places have had a terrible year as demonstrated by Augusta, Georgia’s Haunted Pillar. In the early morning hours of December 18, the pillar was struck by a vehicle and toppled into a pile of broken brick and mortar. (I’ve written about the Haunted Pillar here.)

If you haven’t noticed, this has been a slow year for this blog. Typically, bloggers complain of not having time and I can pull out that complaint, but over the past few months I’ve also been catching up on traveling and personally checking out many haunted sites. While I’ve written some about what I’ve done (see part one of my Alabama rambles), I still have a good deal left to write. My Alabama book, which was published last year, is also getting a makeover in preparation for a print edition which will—Lord willing and the Creeks don’t rise—be appearing in the next few weeks.
The pillar and I in better times, January 2014. All rights reserved.
Taking cues from the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau and other local organizations, money is being collected to rebuild the pillar. While the pillar and its lingering curse has served for years as a bleak reminder of oppression, death, and destruction, we can take hope from its story. The pillar’s recent toppling is not the first time it has been toppled. Every time it has been damaged, locals have banded together to restore and rebuild this odd monument. If you’ve been knocked down this year, take hope, rebuild yourself and carry on with your macabre self. Best wishes for a happy, haunted, and prosperous new year!

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