Monday, April 3, 2017

My book re-release in print

Self-publishing is hard. I’d really like to say more about it, but I’ve vowed to keep most vulgar language out of this blog, so I shall refrain. In 2015, when I originally published my book as an eBook, I imagined that I’d be able to quickly put a print edition together though by the time I finally published the book, I was exhausted and so frustrated with the process, I didn’t bother.

When I started the process of conversion to a print edition, I thought it would take about a week, though it has taken much longer. However, the book is much improved with a major edit and revisions having been done and the addition of images. There has even been a slight change to the title.

Even after the tremendous frustration and obstacles that I encountered with this project, when I finally held the proof copy in my hand, I was overjoyed. Finally, I have a hardcopy version of my work. It is my hope that readers and ghost nerds will enjoy my work. I can assure y’all that there are at least two titles coming down the pipeline: a Georgia book that I’m currently in talks with a real publisher about producing and a second edition to this book. Thank you for reading!

Southern Spirit Guide’s Haunted Alabama: A Gazetteer to Ghostlore, Legends, and Haunted Places in the Heart of Dixie is now available on Amazon!

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